The Fusion of two sciences
Designing Websites as per Ancient Science of Directions

What is WebVastu?
Webvastu is the fusion of the Vastu Shastra with the art of designing websites.
About the book
The book deals with the principles for designing the websites on the fundamentals of Vastu science , so that the person can achieve the maximum benefit in totality.
What is Vastu Shastra?
Vaastu is the science of direction that combines all the five elements of nature and balances them with man and materials.
About the Author
Dr. Smita is a renowned Vastu consultant and is a prominent author for many websites and magazines.

The Book

This book deals with a very new subject WEBVASTU, which is a fusion of the modern, computer science, with the Indian ancient science of directions, Vastu Shastra. The world comprises of five basic elements (Earth, Water, Air, Fire and Space), also known as the Paanchbhootas. Similarly, every website has five elements and any disturbance in any of these established elements can cause an imbalance in the site that affects the website business directly and this is what is introduced in this book.

Man has endeavoured to improve from time immemorial. Starting from the Stone Age to the 21st century, mankind has only improved and is keeping their step toward modernisation. But as we are becoming modern we are leaving our culture far behind and are overburdened by sorrows, unhappiness, mental tensions and what not. Thus all kinds of sufferings are taking place in the life and in order to get all the things back, we are trying to follow the path showed by our ancestors. In my book I have tried to formulate some principles for designing the websites on the fundamentals of Vastu science, so that the person can achieve the maximum benefit in totality.

I am only trying to smoothen the people business by making it more harmonious and thereby having gradual increase through websites. Destiny always prevails, but by implementing the Vastu concepts, one can enhance the business provided by websites. Therefore, it is advisable to follow Vastu to open the gates to a happy and prosperous life.

In this book, efforts have also been directed towards finding a common link between Websites , Vastu science and astrology. This type of correlation serves its purpose in overcoming the unscientific fear. Faith and Intellect are not two poles apart, but in fact are two sides of the same mind.

Contents of the Book

1. Vastu Shastra-An overview
1.1. What is Vastu Shastra?
1.2. Origin of Vastu Shastra
1.3. The Five Elements
1.4. The Directions
1.5. The Mandalas
1.6. The Shape
1.7. The Open Space around the Building
1.8. The Proportions
1.9. The Projections
1.10. The Retractions
1.11. The Basic Vastu Principles
1.12. The Doors

2. The Ancient and Scientific Approach to Vastu Shastra
2.1. The Ancient Approach
2.2. The Scientific Approach
2.3. The Magnetic Field
2.4. The Solar Radiation

3. A Deep Study of Internet
3.1. What is Internet?
3.2. How Internet Came into Being?
3.3. A Brief History of Internet
3.4. The Beginning
? Communication
? Business
? Education
? Information
? Entertainment
? Humanity Considerations
? Sharing Data

4. Extensive Study of the Websites
4.1. Designing the Website
4.2. Initiating the Website

5. Introduction to Web Vastu
5.1. The Five Elements of Web Vastu
5.2. The Orientation
5.3. Why North?
5.4. The Shape
5.5. The Graphic Mandalas
5.6. Analysis according to Web Vastu

6. Research on the Proposed Layout: The Earth Element
6.1. What is Layout?
6.2. The Layout
6.3. Layout according to Vastu Shastra

7. Research on the Proposed Fonts/Graphics: The Water Element
7.1. What are Fonts?
7.2. What are Graphics?
7.3. Types of Typefaces
7.4. How to Choose the Typeface/Graphics?
7.5. The Typography
7.6. The Guidelines for Designing fonts
7.7. Basic Outlines
7.8. Fonts As Per Vastu
7.9. Graphics As Per Vastu

8. Research on the Proposed HTML: The AIR Element
8.1. What is HTML?
8.2. HTML Flags
8.3. HTML according to Vastu Shastra

9. Research on the Proposed Colours: The Fire Element
9.1. What is Colour?
9.2. The Colour Theory
9.3. The Colour Wheel
9.4. Behaviour of Colour
9.5. Colour Scheme
9.6. Colour Symbolism
9.7. Colour Significance
9.8. Colour for the Web
9.9. Colours According to Vastu

10. Research on the Proposed Names: The Space Element
10.1. What is Name?
10.2. Hunting a Name
10.3. Name for the Website
10.4. Name according to Vastu Shastra

11. The Time Factor
11.1. Uttrayan and Dakhiyanan
11.2. The Shapes of the Moon

12. Case Studies
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